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Tonachino Toscano is an Italian lime based render made of slaked lime, river sand and marble dust. It has a warmth and matt finish with a velvet feel and a dramatic sand finish appearance. It is the typical product used in the houses of Tuscany to create an aged and weathered look. Easy to apply and exceptionally durable.


TONACHINO TOSCANO is a wall finishing coating, based on seasoned and filtered lime-putty, inert natural fillers and special binding additives.

It is easy to apply and it has an extremely good filling power and a natural resistance to moulds and bacteria  

TONACHINO TOSCANO is suitable for finish coating for internal and external wall surfaces. It is perfectly stable over time and it maintains its unaltered breathability of the base with regard to the high permeability to water vapour

TONACHINO TOSCANO is sold in white base.

Note: Advanced Spirito Libero recomends that our entire range of lime based natural materials is used only by highly skilled or licensed tradespeople with extensive experience in this field. It is the responsibility of the applicator to understand the application method and the procedure involved in order to obtain a satisfactory outcome. Advanced Spirito Libero recomends that architects, builders and clients appoint only experienced applicators in the relevant lime-based materials to ensure they'll be able to deliver the same finish as per the sample shown.

As with any lime-based material this product may change the appearance over time due to the ageing process caused by weather conditions"
To slow down this process the use of siloxane impregnating sealer is recomended over time.

For exteriors please protect treated surfaces from raining during application and for the time required to allow product to fully harden (48h), fail to do so, some trace of efflorescence might appear and no warranty will be applied.

Ensure that a sufficient quantity of the same batch is available to complete the entire job or at least to complete whole sections that will not reveal differences in shade.

Advanced Spirito Libero provides no warranty expressed or implied against damage due to movement of the substrate structure.

Following the Australian Building Code we do not suggest the installation of this product inside the shower area.


Technical Data Sheet

Surface preparation



Any Surface (except render)

Apply 1 coat of Undercoat Sealer before priming

Old plasterworks

Brushing, eventual power washing and a coat of CONSOLIDATING PRIMER.

Render/ Base coat render

Coat of PRIMUS NATURALE primer.

Medium density

Coat of PRIMUS NATURALE primer.


Coat of PRIMUS NATURALE primer.


Coat of PRIMUS NATURALE primer.


Coat of PRIMUS NATURALE primer.

Polished lime finishing

Accurate sanding and a coat of PRIMUS NATURALE primer.

Washable paints

Coat of PRIMUS NATURALE primer.

Non-mineral decorative finishings

Coat of PRIMUS NATURALE primer.

Plastic coating

A coat of oil based primer then a coat of PRIMUS NATURALEprimer.



TONACHINO is sold in a ready-to-use paste.





To obtain a better job it is advisable to use a VENETIAN PLASTER TROWEL, trying to use it in a homogeneous way.

Once the first coat is applied, the process has to be complete within 48h.




It is possible to apply the second coat only when the first one is totally dry and it is important to apply it in a homogenous way creating a smooth surface without any lump or imperfection and ready for the finishing process.


To apply this specific finishing you should use a venetian plaster trowel, compacting the product with pressure and smoothing the surface any time soon, before it dries.



To apply this specific finishing you should use a sponge float, doing a circular movements on the surface any time soon, before it dries.

In case of fast drying to complete the surface finishing it is possible to moisten it with clean water with a mist sprayer. When you deal with coloured products, try to not moisten the surface, because the humidifying fades the pigments creating clearer patches.



After 48hours apply 1 coats of MARMORINO SHIELD.




The ambient temperature must be between +10°C and +30°C, while the relative humidity must be less than 85% for at least a day. It is better to avoid this phase on windy days or when the sun is shining or when it is raining.




The product maintains its unaltered features for 24 months, if it is correctly preserved. Store it away from direct excessive sunlight and cold temperature.

The environmental temperature must be between + 5° C.  and  + 30° C. Keep it away from intense cold.




Avoid contacts with skin and eyes, and in case wash immediately the part with water. For further information, consult our safety sheet.




This product should be disposed of in accordance with existing laws. Empty packagings must be recycled.



    Fine-marble grains


21 kg. net

Application tools

Venetian plaster trowel – sponge float

Specific weight

1,50 ± 0,05 Kg/l

Theoretical yield

2,70 ÷ 3,10 Kg/m2 including 2 coats

Aggregate grading curve

0,02 ÷ 1,00  mm

Coating thickness

2,0 ÷ 2,2 mm  including 2 coats

Touch dry

5 hours with an ambient temperature of 20°C

Deep dry

48 hours with an ambient temperature of 20°C

Stable carbonation

180 days


12 hours with an ambient temperature of 20°C

PH after 30 days

12,0 ± 0,2


Not inflammable  - class MO

Permeability to water vapor

High  0,06m (Reference standard: UNI EN ISO 7783-2:2001)