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Primus Naturale is the ideal primer for the preparation of both indoor and outdoor surfaces before applying any of our lime-based products. It is an acrylic breathable primer with course quartz for optimal grip, creating uniform surfaces that enable a speedier application of the Venetian Plaster.


Primus Technical Data Sheet



sect. 1.0 Technical characteristics

Primus is an acrylic-based paint with quartz .Breathable and not inflamable.


sect. 2.0 Use

Suitable for the preparation of indoor wall surfaces for the application of decorative paint.


sect. 3.0 Application method

Remove all dirt from the wall. Then apply a coat of Primus with a roller.

Primus Naturale is the ideal primer for the preparation of surfaces before applying any lime-based products.

Primus Sabbia is the ideal primer for the preparation of surfaces before applying Casa dei Sogni, Colore & Gioia, Colore & Oro,  White Paint, La via lattea and Minimal.


sect. 4.0 Technical characteristics: application


Ready for use


0.15 ÷ 0.2 l/m2

Tools for application



In a cool, dry and well-ventilated place, away from sources of heat and from direct sunlight


sect. 5.0 Technical characteristics: the product


Acrylic resins, natural pigments

Specific weight of Primus Naturale

1.53 kg/dm³

Specific weight of Primus Sabbia

1.56 kg/dm³

pH after 30 days

8 ÷ 8.5


14000 ÷ 15000 cps Brookfield (10 rpm at 25°C)

Storage temperature

Temperature of between +5°C and +30°C. Keep away from extreme cold.

Permeability to vapour

High (Reference Standard: UNI EN ISO 7783-2:2001)

VOC value

20 g/l

Density of vapours

>1 (water)

Pot sizes

2.5 – 5 – 15 litres


sect. 6.0 Toxicological data

The product does not contain any heavy metals or toxic solvents. The product is not classified as hazardous and does not require any labels. It is not considered hazardous for transport and is not governed by any regulations. No specific protective devices are required, but the room needs to be well aired. Dispose of any site waste in accordance with the applicable regulations in force, in authorised dumps.