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This matt paint is essential when there is a need to enhance what's really important in the home. It's a slightly stained, sanded and nacre finish that characterizes the walls without excesses and distractions.



sec. 1.0 Technical characteristics

Minimal: it’s a decorative water based paint, including mother-of-pearl exclusive flakes and selected quartz. It reacts to light creating shiny-matt reflecions according to different lights.



sec. 2.0 Use

Minimal is suitable for decorating indoor wall surfaces.


sec. 3.0 Preparation of the surface

Preparing the wall is vital to the success of the coating. It is therefore advisable to trim and insulate properly before use, and to apply Primus Sabbia (as specified in the application method), which guarantee optimal grip and absorbency of the product. 


sec. 4.0 Application method

Apply Primus Sabbia as preparation of the wall, in 2 coats by roller.

Minimal is ready to use: just mix very well the base before to use. Introduce the quantity of colouring agent specified in the catalogue and mix until the shade obtained is completely even.

The product can be applied in 1 coat, using a big brush with wide movements.


Sec. 5.0 Protective Finish

The product has a good washability, with non aggressive soaps. Anyway it can be protected with:

Vetro: applied by roller, dilution is not necessary. It affords good coverage, water-resistance and complete washability of the wall.


sec. 6.0 Technical characteristics: application


Ready to use


7/8 mq/l 

Tools for application



Primus Sabbia

Protective coating


Application temperature

The ambient temperature must not be less than +5° C. Do not apply onto hot surfaces or those exposed to sunlight.

Drying time

The drying time varies between 4 and 6 hours


sec. 7.0 Technical characteristics: the product


Water based paint, with mother of pearl flakes and selected quartz.

Specific weight

1.30 Kg/l

pH after 30 days

> 12,5


> 6600 mPas (Brookfield, sonda n 3 , 10rpm 20° C))

Storage temperature

Store in a sealed pot at a temperature of more than +5° C. Keep away from extreme cold.

EU VOC limit value for this product (cat.  A/I): 300 g/l (2007) 200 g/l (2010)

 Max content VOC 8  g/l


Colours available

As per our catalogue

Pot sizes

Lt  1 – 2,5 – 5


If inhaled: Take the patient to a well ventilated location.

Contact with eyes: rinse immediately with plenty of running water for at least 10 minutes.

Skin contact: wash with running water; avoid prolonged contact.


sec. 8.0 Toxicological data

The product does not contain any heavy metals or toxic solvents. It is not considered hazardous for transport and is not governed by any regulations.