Marmorino Resin Sealer

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Marmorino Resin Sealer is an impregnating, odourless, transparent, water-oil repellent for floors and walls. Consisting of an emulsion of acrylic and polyurethane polymers and special additives. Marmorino resin sealer is a protective sealant for impregnation that does not form a film on the surface and has a satin appearance. MARMORINO RESIN SEALER has a satin effect. 


The product is ready to use. Shake before using.

Clean the surface before to application. Leave the surface to dry for at least 48 hours.

Apply a first coat with a pad, diluted with water up 20%.

After 12 hours, apply a second coat of pure MARMORINO RESIN SEALER.


The product maintains its properties for a period of 12months if protected from excessive heat and cold.

Storage temperature must be included between +5°C and +30°C. Protect from frost.


Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. For more information consult the safety sheet.


The product must be disposed in agreement with current regulations.

Empty containers to be sent to recycling plants.




Odorless liquid




    1 lt

Tools for the application

Roller or cotton pad

Specific weight

1,00 ± 0,05Kg/l


8 ± 0,5 

Thepretical performance

150 ÷ 200g/ m2   in 2 coats

Application temperature

Minimum temperature + 10°C-Maximum temperature +30°C

Dry to the touch

 3 hours with environmental temperature a 20°C

Dry in depth

48 hours with environmental temperature a 20°C