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La via lattea is an acrylic wall coating, luminous and even with a matt look which captures the eye with a slightly starry effect. This product comes in delicate shades and is ideal for use in areas of the home with little direct sunlight, characterising the interiors withVenetian Plaster Shop NZ a veil of crystal clear light thanks to the reflection of the unique pyramidal shape of its glitter reflecting light from any angle.
Durable and washable, it comes in 169 colour.

Origini Technical Data Sheet

Technical data sheet


sez. 1.0 Technical Characteristcs

Origini is a versatile paint that can meet the different needs of aesthetics, durability and washability thanks to our wax. A stylish finishing with a soft touch, with a matt or slightly glossy effect, or even stained, which conveys the beauty of something born in nature with an endless fascination.


sez. 2.0 Use

Origini is suitable for decorating indoor wall surfaces..


sez. 3.0 Preparing the surface

Preparing the wall is vital to the success of the coating. It is therefore advisable to trim and insulate properly before use, and to apply Primus Sabbia (as specified in the application method), which guarantee optimal grip and absorbency of the product. 


sez. 4.0 Application method

Apply Primus Sabbia in 2 coats by roller.

Origini is not ready to use: after introducing the quantity of COLOURING AGENT specified in the catalogue, add 20% water, up to 30% if needed, and then mix well until the shade obtained is completely even.

The product can be applied in 2 coats by brush.

First Coat: Apply the product by brush stretching and blending.

Second Coat: after 8 hours apply the second coat, stretching and blending.

If you want to realize a satinated/glossy effect, once the second coat has dried, it’s enough to stroke the wall with a big clean brush or with a cotton cloth.

If you want to realize a stained effect, stroke the wall with a clean brush before the wall is dried, so as to create stains on the still  wet areas.


sez. 5 Protective finish

Cera del vecchio: after the wall has dried, at least after 24 hours, apply the wax with a sponge, well stretching. After 5/10 minutes, pass on again with a cotton cloth, as to increase slightly the satinated effect. The finishing with Cera del Vecchio allows the washability of the wall.


sez. 6.0 Technical characteristics: application


Diluition with 20/30 % water before to use


8 mq/l  with diluition of 20% 

Tools for application



Primus Sabbia

Protective coating

Cera del vecchio

Application temperature

The ambient temperature must not be less than +5° C. Do not apply onto hot surfaces or those exposed to sunlight.

Drying time

The drying time varies between 6 and 8 hours


sez. 7.0 Technical characteristics: the product


Slaked lime, water

Specific weight

1.29 Kg/l

pH after 30 days

> 12,5


> 6600 mPas (Brookfield, sonda n 3 , 10rpm 20° C))

Storage temperature

Store in a sealed pot at a temperature of more than +5° C. Keep away from extreme cold.

EU VOC limit value for this product (cat.  A/I): 300 g/l (2007) 200 g/l (2010)

 Max content VOC  2 g/l white


Colours available

As per our catalogue

Pot sizes

Lt  1 – 2,5 – 5


If inhaled: Take the patient to a well ventilated location.

Contact with eyes: rinse immediately with plenty of running water for at least 10 minutes.

Skin contact: wash with running water; avoid prolonged contact.