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Cera del vecchio is a natural wax that combine the sealing nature of Marseilles soap with the shine of the beeswax assuring the walls are waterproof while breathable. it is easily and efficiently applied using just a sponge or cotton rags and is very easy to buff to a streak free finish. It can be used with any of our natural products. Inside use only.



Cera del Vecchio

sect. 1.0 Technical characteristics

The best characteristic of Spatula Stuhhi is the fact that it is entirely natural, without the use of any resins. This is why we can classify it as being one of the most eco-friendly products in its field of application.
This characteristic guarantees the breathability of the product and its ability to absorb and release any form of humidity effortlessly. When the absorption capacity needs to be lowered (on surfaces in high-traffic areas, shower enclosures, kitchenettes, etc.), Cera del Vecchio can be applied, thus increasing its washability and resistance to wear further.


sect. 2.0 Use

Cera del Vecchio is suitable for application on indoor wall surfaces.



sect. 3.0 Application method

Mix the product for a couple of minutes before use. Leave the surface to be treated to dry for at least 48 hours. Cera del Vecchio is to be applied onto the entire wall, approximately ½ m2 at a time, using a cloth. It should be polished with a dry cloth after 10/30 minutes, depending on the time of year and on the drying time. Cera del vecchio is fully washable and abrasion resistant.




sect. 4.0 Technical characteristics: application


Ready for use


0.020 l/m²

Tools for application


Drying time

Can be treated after approximately 10/30 hours at +20° C and with a relative humidity of 65%.


In a cool, dry place, away from sources of heat and from direct sunlight.



sect. 5.0 Technical characteristics: the product


Beeswax, Marseille soap, water

Specific weight

0.98 kg/dm³


6.5 - 7


1000 - 1500 cps (Brookfield)

Storage temperature

keep the pots sealed, in a suitable environment, at a temperature of between +5 and +30 °C.

VOC emissions

20 g/l

Pot sizes

1 – 2.5 litres


If inhaled: take the patient to a well ventilated location; if the symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

Contact with eyes: rinse immediately with plenty of running water for at least 10 minutes; if the irritation persists, seek medical advice.

Skin contact: wash with running water; avoid prolonged contact.

If swallowed: seek medical advice and bring the paint pot or the product technical or safety data sheet with you.


sect. 6.0 Toxicological data

The product is not considered to be irritating to the eyes and skin.