Aurora Boreale Resin

Brand: Giorgio Graesan

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Fully washable with not aggressive soaps.
Totally dry after 6 to 8 hours.
Conservation: in a dry, cool place, away from the frost and humidity.

In the absence of direct lighting, the use of a suitable ultraviolet neon lamp, added to the existing lighting system, is recommended. To make the surface more resistant to washing, it may be necessary to apply one or more coats of VETRO. Well-suited to public spaces, for bathrooms that require a little brightness and for anyone who wishes to astound their guests with special effects. The packet size is 0.750 lt and the consumption varies greatly depending on the amount applied.

After the appropriate preparations, AURORA BOREALE may be used on any surface, such as wood, metal, plastic, to make objects luminous at night. It can also be used to create designs, signs, logos or tattoos for every wall or surface. While illuminated, the paint cannot be seen, but it comes to life when we turn off the light or when we shine ultraviolet light onto it.
Does not contains solvents - Not inflamable - Washable - Breaths

Regulatory information
Paints for decorative effects
EU VOC limit for this product (cat.A/I): 200 g/l (2010)
Maximum VOC content 60 g/l

Hazard Identification
EUH208: It Contains a mixture of: 5-chloro-2-methyl-2-hisothiazol-3-one, 2-methyl-2-hisothiazol-3-one.
It may cause an allergic reaction.